Got a Patent!

Publication date: 29.04.2022

Got a Patent! AVIS

The great news this spring was getting a patent on the Modernized Milk Filling Triblock with Ultra Clean functionality by AVIS Company.

The patent for the invention is registered in the State Register of Inventions of the Russian Federation with the number 2769014. For AVIS Company, the protection of its intellectual assets is a standard practice.

The novelty of upgraded PET Filling Triblock is its technical capability to fit the basic version with a complete set of Ultra Clean functionality. In addition to basic options: direct–flow product supply duct, closed chamber, contactless filling and CIP system, Triblock is provided the functionality of a two-phase bottle and cap rinsing, Peak-and-Place capping system, aseptic product control valves and sterile air maintenance system in the product balance tank .

Additionally, the milk filling triblock, which is commercially known as MTRM-8-6, can be fitted with aseptic options: a module for a disinfectant solution treatment based on hydrogen peroxide and / or peracetic acid with automatic supply for both bottle and cap rinsing, an air filtration module for supplying product tank with a filtration rating of 0.2 micrometer, a sterile air treatment module for the filling chamber with a filtration rating of 0.2 micrometer, a steam cleaning unit for processing sterile filters of the product tank and filling chamber, as well as a module for treatment and supplying peroxide “fog” to the chamber filling for instant sterilization of the chamber at stops or at the beginning of packing.

Triblock supports filling a wide array of products: pasteurized milk, ESL milk, fermented milk drinks, fruit drinks, plant-based probiotic, and protein drinks with a speed to 3,000 bottles per hour. Such products have a shelf life to 21 days. Triblock is an integral part of Ecoline aseptic filling lines manufactured by AVIS, which are fitted with a full range of machines to carry out all the necessary technical operations, for example, PET bottle blowing machines, labeling equipment, group packaging equipment and conveyor systems.