The machine-building company «AVIS» provides service at all stages from production to subsequent support of supplied equipment.

Service AVIS

Our service includes several levels:

Project preparation

Our specialists are interested in the development of your business, therefore, in order to prepare a project, they will conduct a comprehensive audit of the necessary technological features of your production. Such features include:

  • Type of liquid to be filled
  • Planned production capacity
  • Number of planned packaging variety
  • Requirements for the quality of the final product
  • Necessary and available areas and a project for the placing of line elements, with the determination of the points of supply of the necessary communications with positioning of the connected utility point.

Project implementation and equipment launch

«AVIS» is a manufacturer of equipment, so our engineers control the quality at all stages of production.

The service department is a separate and most important division in the structure of our company. Each device is subjected to rigorous quality control and controlled by service engineers.

Equipment is tested at our production site before it being sent to the customer. Set of equipment is lined up in the shop floor of setup and tested in work mode using the customer’s consumables.

Only after successful testing, a set of equipment is sent to your production site.

Established work with transport companies that provides high-quality and prompt delivery of our equipment to anywhere in the Russian Federation, as well as  near and far-abroad countries.

When the line is launched at the customer’s site, the specialists of the recommissioning works department will carry out the following works:

  • Conduction free training of the Customer’s staff on our site, with the issuance of appropriate certificate;
  • Carrying out of supervised assembly works and launch equipment at your production site;
  • Training your production staff;
  • Carrying out warranty and post-warranty repairs of equipment;
  • Giving competent consultation on installed equipment, even if it is not of our production.


During the operating life of the equipment, you will be maintained by service engineers who:

  • In the shortest possible time will provide you with the necessary spare parts;
  • Give professional online consultations to save your time and not admit equipment downtime;
  • If you need, our company organize the visit of our specialists to eliminate the problems or conduct training for newly recruited personnel;
  • Upon request of the customer, they will carry out an overhaul of equipment;
  • Carry out routine test and detection of equipment defects before the start of the season.

Timely, high-quality and competent  customer support will allow your company to most effectively organize its production process, prepare equipment for the working season, and also eliminate downtime at the production site.

Having our own constantly renewed warehouse of spare parts allows us to provide the necessary spare parts as soon as possible, both during the warranty and post-warranty periods.

The specialists of our service and sales department are always ready to answer your questions and solve any emergency situations. Cooperation with AVIS gives our customers confidence in uninterrupted work of the equipment.

Delivery and installation

Our equipment operates throughout our country from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin, as well as in neighboring countries.

«AVIS» specialists organize the delivery of finished equipment to all corners of Russia and the CIS countries in the shortest possible time.

For the convenience of our customers, we work with all transport companies. You can choose any company that is convenient for you, and which provides freight and cargo transportation, and we will ensure the control of the correct and safe loading on board vehicle.

To facilitate your task, we ourselves will find a direct transport for you, which will quickly and safely deliver the equipment to your production.


  • We will control the process of safe loading of equipment;
  • Carry out customs clearance of cargo;
  • We will issue approval documents required for transportation.
  • We will prepare a plan for the installation of equipment based on the size of your site;
  • We will give recommendations on carrying out of necessary communications;

Taking equipment into use and training of staff

After all the preparatory stages, specialists of the recommissioning work department visit your production and launch equipment, as well as train your staff. Our specialists:

  • Help in installation of equipment based on the size of your site;
  • Test the bringing of all necessary communications;
  • Carry out the launch of the line
  • Give recommendations on the maintenance of equipment;
  • Train the customer’s staff.

The machine-building company «AVIS» is fitted with a modern machine park. We are always glad to invite you to the territory of our enterprise, where you can personally control any stage of the embodiment of your ideas in life.

Upon request, we are ready to provide a reference list with contacts and arrange visits to our customers’ production sites.