Publication date: 24.05.2022


How is the machine-building company «AVIS» welcomed at the XIII DAIRY OLYMPIAD in KAZAKHSTAN, ALMATY?

Great meet. And there are several grounds for it:

1. Our countries have a great and long experience of cooperation, therefore, companies from Russia are especially cozy relationship here. Partners can be confident in the high quality and service of «AVIS».

2. Our filling lines are known outside the Russia Federation, and we are actively developing export deliveries. Our factory manufactures products on our own, it means we can guarantee quality control along every step from production to calibration. The specialists of AVIS company effectively decide issues with delivery and logistics. 3. The machine-building company «AVIS» is especially rated highly for comprehensive expertise and   engagement with  in the customers development. At exhibitions, we give advice on the features of filling technologies, taking into account the nature of the product and the optimal configuration of lines for various tasks. Partners know that we are doing our best to start the lines in the shortest time and be as efficient as possible.