Semi-automatic PET blow molding machine AVIS PVM 600-19

from 3,500,000.00 *

*This price is not binding and depends on the configuration of the product.

Semi-automatic PET blow molding machine PVM 600-19 for blowing single-use and multiple-use 19-liter PET bottles or PET kegs. In the assembly with blowing block and preform heating furnace. 80 bottles/hour. Blowing bottles from 10 up to 30 liters

Product water
Type of packaging РЕТ
Productivity 80 bottle/h
Functional blowing PET
Type semi-automatic

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*This price is not binding and depends on the configuration of the product.

The machine consists of preform heating block and blowing block. The working operations of semi-automatic blow molding machine are as follows. The operator installs PET workpieces (preforms) onto the heating furnace spots, which, rotating on their axes, move the preforms to the heating zone providing uniform heating. Then the operator removes the preform from the furnace and puts it into the blowing machine mold, presses the button “Start”, after that the mold semi-matrixes automatically clamp, the locks rigidly close; with further automatic stretching of the preform with the rod and simultaneous pre-blowing of the bottle. Then the stage of the main blowing out feeding the compressed air under the maximum pressure starts. The mold walls are cooled down through the main channels to stabilize the shape of the blown bottle. After that the mold opens and the operator manually unloads the finished plastic bottle.

Distinctive features:

  • lack of the visible seam on the bottle
  • lack of the crank-and-rod mechanism
  • maximum number of adjustments to control the blowing quality
  • compact size
  • 80 bottles per hour
Weight 1,540 kg
Dimensions 2,200 × 1,700 × 2,300 mm
Supply voltage, V

220, 380

Power consumption, kW/h


Air pressure, MPa

2 – 3

Air consumption, l/min


Productivity, bottle/h

up to 80

Material of manufacture


Number of operators, persons


Control Panel

button control unit, touch LCD display

Loading / unloading



12 months

Equipment certified


The volume of the blown container, l

up to 30

Working pressure of the pneumatic network, MPa


Coolant flow, l/min

2 – 4

Number of preform heating zones, pcs.


Number of heating elements, pcs.


Power of heating elements, kW/h


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