Filling triblock AVIS ТR 19

from 3,354,000.00 *

*This price is not binding and depends on the configuration of the product.

Triblock of 3-stage external and internal washing and rinsing, drinking water filling, cap positioning and capping of bottles of 19 and 12 liters. TR 19. Productivity up to 360 bottles/hour. Contactless filling. Reusable washing solution with automatic temperature regulation

Product water
Type of packaging PC/PET
Productivity 360 bottle/h
Functional rinsing / filling / cork orientation / capping
Type automatic

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*This price is not binding and depends on the configuration of the product.

Automatic line of TR19 type manufactured by LLC Scientific Production Association “Company “AVIS” is designed for multistep washing, disinfecting, rinsing, as well as filling and capping bottles with the volume of up to 18.9 dm³ (5 gallons) with still drinking water in automatic mode.

Preparation for work. This is the preparatory stage for automatic work of the system. During this stage the tanks are filled with washing, rinsing and disinfecting solutions. The filling is realized by the start from the system central panel, the tanks filling is switched off by sensors. The washing solution concentrate is initially filled manually based on the calculated recipe. The washing solution is heated up to the set temperature with the help of the embedded tubular electric heaters and temperature regulators. Then the automatic line keeps the concentration and temperature of the washing and disinfecting solutions, and tanks level based on the preselected algorithm in the automatic mode. Each of the tanks has a separate discharge contour. Maintenance and cleaning of the tanks is provided by the available special inspection doors.

Start of work. At the first stage of work the operator successively loads 10 empty bottles onto the endless conveyor, which is the horizontally moving chain with ten posts fixed on it to place the bottles bottom-up. The chain conveyor moves empty bottles step-by-step from operation to operation. At the stage of loading bottles, washing, rinsing, disinfecting and unloading operations do not work to avoid the mixing of liquids without bottles in the place of nozzles work. After loading empty bottles, the machine following the operator’s command starts successive washing, rinsing, disinfecting of the loaded bottles. At the moment when an empty bottle, having passed all washing operations, reaches the unloading station, the operator switches the system to the automatic operation mode.

Stage of washing bottles. The stage combining four successive operations, which are performed on the chain conveyor after the bottle is loaded by the operator till its unloading by the machine under the filling contour. At each operation stage both internal and external treatment of the bottle takes place, including the neck treatment. Primarily, at the first three stations the bottle is washed with the hot washing solution. The total washing time (without the productivity loss) is up to 36 seconds – 12 at each station. The treatment time and solution temperature are set from the panel and can be changed by the operator in the process of work. Then the bottle moves to the station of technical water rinsing (the rinsing lasts up to 12 seconds). After that the bottle passes three stations of disinfection with ozonated water. The total disinfection time is similar to the washing operations and does not exceed 36 seconds. During the final washing operation the bottle internal surface is rinsed with food water and it moves to the tilting station under the filling contour. The liquid for each bottle washing operation is fed by the autonomous pump from its own tank (except for the final stage for which the rinsing water is not circulated) and then returns to the same tank. As it was already indicated each of the stages is controlled by the operator by the bottle treatment time, at the washing stage – additionally by the washing solution temperature, besides the operator has the possibility to control the chain conveyor speed. The concentration of washing and disinfecting solutions is maintained in the automatic mode based on the preset algorithm. The ventilation duct from the chamber is envisaged in the design to discharge vapors. Eight washing stations are equipped with 26 adjustable nozzles manufactured by LECHLER providing the set requirements to spraying washing solutions along the bottle internal and external surfaces.

Filling with product. After passing all washing stages the bottle arrives at the pneumatic tilting machine station.  It takes the bottle from the seat station – “carriage”, turns it with the neck up and places onto outfeed slat conveyor under the filling head. The bottle availability under the filling head is controlled by the sensor. At the positive sensor signal the valve of the small dosing contour opens to avoid hydraulic shock into the bottle bottom and product spilling. Then the main channel of the product feeding starts the filling. The product filling-up is performed by the small dosing contour. The filling head does not touch the bottle thus guaranteeing high hygienic indexes of the line operation. And the filling accuracy and product level are achieved by the possibility of regulating filling time parameters from the machine panel by the operator. The attention should be paid to the fact that the stable results of the line operation, apart from the flexible settings of the machine itself, are reached by the stability of the product feeding parameters.

Capping. After filling, the outfeed conveyor moves the filled bottle under the cap knocker, at the same, time picking the cap for the bottle neck from the cap remover. Before putting the cap onto the bottle neck, it is also rinsed with food water to avoid the intrusion of macroimpurities in the bottle filled with product. The caps are automatically positioned by the machine in the hopper. The caps are manually filled into the hopper by the operator. The availability of the positioned cap in the cap pipe is monitored by the sensor, which is able to stop the machine, if the cap is missing. After capping, the filled and capped bottle can be moved to the rest automatic or manual operations by the outfeed slat conveyor or unloaded by the operator onto the mobile rack or tray.

Distinctive features:

  • Rigid structure made of stainless steel AISI304
  • Complete control and recording of manufactured products
  • Maintenance and adjustment user-friendly menu tabs
  • Provision and control of the triblock operation is performed by one operator
  • Wide possibilities of customizing both manual and automatic operation modes from operation to operation and on the whole machine in general
  • Eight bottle washing and rinsing stations are equipped with 26 nozzles produced by LECHLER – a leading European manufacturer
  • Three pumps of stainless steel for feeding washing and disinfecting solutions produced by CALPEDA with the exclusive guarantee period from the manufacturer for 5 years
  • High-duty conveyor chain of stainless steel produced by TSUBAKI
  • Operation control by the sensors of stainless steel with protection index IP67
  • Pneumatics and pneumatic automation from leading manufacturers
  • Complete control and management of all technological operations and settings from one place through the touch panel
  • Lifetime of minimum 10 years
Weight 1,100 kg
Dimensions 3,200 × 2,050 × 2,500 mm
Supply voltage, V


Power consumption, kW/h


Air pressure, MPa


Air consumption, l/min


Productivity, bottle/h


Material of manufacture

Stainless steel

Number of operators, persons


Control Panel

touch LCD display

Loading / unloading



12 months

Equipment certified


Container volume, liters


Throat diameter, mm


Bottle diameters, mm


Dosing principle

by time

Number of filling heads, pcs.


Temperature of the poured product, deg

4 – 20

Working pressure of the product at the inlet of the apparatus, MPa

0,2 – 0,4

Flow section of the supply pipeline, mm


Power of heating elements, kW/h


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